Universal Car Bluetooth Receiver
Universal Car Bluetooth Receiver
Universal Car Bluetooth Receiver
Universal Car Bluetooth Receiver

Universal Car Bluetooth Receiver

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Don't put yourself or your loved ones in danger šŸš«

Holding your phone while driving to answer a phone call is considered dangerous due to its high risk of causing distractions while.Ā Calling and driving causes accidents on the road with about 40,000 people who lost their lives to car crashes in JUST 2018! šŸ˜±Don't risk your lives!Ā 


  • With the wireless design and built-in microphone, you can now talk to your loved ones hands-free and focus on driving safely!Ā 

  • Easy to set up:Ā SimplyĀ plug the receiver into the audio-port in your vehicle and connect it wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth.Ā 
  • Easy to use:Ā With one push of the button, you can conveniently answer/end calls.Ā 
  • Portable:Ā With its handy and lightweight design, it can be easily brought around anywhere you want with no hassle. Simply clip it on your shirt or put it in your pocket!Ā 

  • Automatically reconnects:Ā Once you have paired your smartphone with the receiver, it will auto-connect whenever you are close by.
  • Upgrade your listening devices:Ā Transform your headphones, home audioĀ speakers or other listening devicesĀ into wireless systems andĀ stream high-quality music from your smartphone.Ā 



  • Size:Ā 14 x 15 x 58mm
  • Battery time:Ā about 7-8 hours
  • Connection type:Ā Ā Bluetooth Version: 4.0 or higher
  • Transmission range:Ā Up to 10m / 33ft
  • Charging port:Ā Mini USB female port
  • Charging time:Ā About 30 min

Product Includes:

  • 1x Universal Car Bluetooth Receiver (3.5mm Audio-Jack)
  • EnglishĀ User ManualĀ