Tile Repair Agent
Tile Repair Agent
Tile Repair Agent
Tile Repair Agent
Tile Repair Agent
Tile Repair Agent
Tile Repair Agent
Tile Repair Agent

Tile Repair Agent

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  • The repair paste is great for repairing the bathroom or kitchen sink, bathtub, or ceramic floor with no marks. The paste is made of non-toxic material that is safe to use in the indoor areas. It restores the beauty of your ceramic item like brand new. Let's get it now!


  • Easy To Use: The ceramic paste is easy to apply to any ceramic items. In just simple 3 steps: spread, let dry, and polish, you can repair the item in just a few minutes.
  • Leaves No Marks: The paste is white in color that is great for household items like the bathroom sink, bathtub or floor, etc. No obvious marks will be left after repair.
  • Safe To Use: It is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly material that is totally safe to use indoor without smell.
  • Brand New Repair: The ceramic paste can restore the natural beauty of your household interior items and save you much money for buying a new one.

    Using Steps:

    • 1. Mix and stir according to ab 1:1 for 5-10 minutes
    • 2. Apply evenly to the damaged part after mixing
    • 3. Polish with sandpaper after complete curing
    • 4. There is little difference in the completion of construction


      • Material: Ceramic Paste
      • Weight: 100g (A glue: 50g; B glue: 50g).
      • Application: Hand wash pool, acrylic bathtub, toilet wall tiles, floor tiles, porcelain, marble wood, and plastic materials, etc.


      1. Mix and stir according to AB 1:1 for 55-10 minutes.
      2. Apply evenly to the damaged part after mixing.
      3. Polish with sandpaper after complete curing.
      4. There is little difference in the completion of construction.

          Package Includes:

          • 1 x Magic Ceramic Tile Repair Agent. (A glue+B glue)


          • A and B must be mixed to have an effect.
          • Due to the influence of climate, if the paste is hard and difficult to mix, the paste is heated in hot water with a bowl and basin packed with hot water and packaged together. When AB is mixed at the right dilution, water must not be added to the paste.