Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser
Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser

Magical Shoe Cleaning Eraser

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Introducing the WORLD-FIRST Shoe Stain Remover! 

Cleaning your kicks doesn’t have to be a tough job. In fact, it couldn’t be easier with this Magic Shoe Eraser!

Clean your shoes the pampering and easy way with this Magic Shoe Eraser!
Having dirty sneakers is a major pet peeve for a lot of people. But cleaning with all the cleansers and brushes is not only time consuming, but also harms your sneakers in the long run. Say no more to lengthy cleaning process with this magic eraser now!
This might look as light a regular eraser, except it’s a miracle cleaner for any shoes!
Use this to clean off any dirt and marks on your shoes and sneakers with almost no effort!

This is easily the best way to clean your shoes! The gentle formula and texture will clean off any dirty marks on your shoes without any harsh abrasion on your precious kicks!

Clean up your shoes by erasing with moderate pressure and apply more as needed. You’ll be able to see grime and filth lift off of the suede shoes and onto the eraser.

This is a handy cleaning tool for removing dirt and stains from your shoes. It works on suede and nubuck, leather, canvas, and almost any type of shoe textures!

This small magical eraser lets you take it with you and use it anywhere you like!


Instant Results - Clean the dirt and stains immediately without harming your shoes. The cleaning effect is better than others, the edges of the white rubber sole will be more obvious.

Easy to Use - No water and brush needed. Gently rub the shoes where the dirt is noticeable. Solve the problems of your daily cleaning shoes.

Suitable for Most Types of Shoes - Cloth, suede, leather, and canvas. Can be used in a timely manner to clean more effectively! Exclusive for sports shoe canvas, the dirt and dust will be rubbed off and the shoes will be as good as new. 

Portable - The Magic Eraser™ is small and easy to carry around. You can simply put in your pocket and use it anywhere when needed.

Multi-Functions - Whether you need to clean your favorite all-white shoes, tennis sneakers, basketball sneakers, fly kits, prime knit, running sneakers, golf shoes, leather work boots, Suede shoes, hiking shoes, or dress shoes, our premium shoe cleaning eraser is great on any washable material type. 

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 75*25*15 mm
  • Material: Premium gentle rubber

Package Includes:

  • 1* Magic Shoes Cleaning Brush