Desoldering Suction Pump
Desoldering Suction Pump
Desoldering Suction Pump
Desoldering Suction Pump
Desoldering Suction Pump
Desoldering Suction Pump
Desoldering Suction Pump
Desoldering Suction Pump

Desoldering Suction Pump

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  • Are you addicted to electronic devices and like to repair your devices yourself? Do you work a lot on disassembled and reconnected circuit boards? Surely the new Solder Release Pump would make your job easier!

  • The Solder Release Pump is specifically designed to reverse the soldering process so that it dissolves and removes lead through strong suction. It can be used to remove components from the circuit board without damaging them or the circuit board. Specifically used to replace integrated circuits and multi-pin switches.

  • Use a 110 V / 220 V 50 Hz power supply with 30 W power
  • Turn on the device to preheat 3-5 minutes earlier
  • Press down on the piston handle, point the suction head towards the soldering point, and after the lead has melted, press the control button and the lead is drawn into the cylinder.

  • With more than 350,000 satisfied customers worldwide, the new Solder Release Pump is one of the most revolutionary tools available on the Hungarian market for a few days or while stocks last!

  • The lead suction device is equipped with two suction nozzles of different diameters, depending on the thickness of the parts. When disassembling the cylinder, press the top of the cylinder, depending on the direction of the arrow, pull the cylinder and the handle at the same time so that the cylinder can be separated; and when removing the suction nozzle, turn it counterclockwise and remove.

  • Our product is unique in the world and the results speak for themselves. You get a 60-day warranty to try the product, during which you can decide whether or not to keep the product.


  • Good little solder sucker, have a good bit of suction, you can just hang onto it and use your thumb to reset and suck.
  • Simple design allows easy one-handed use, lightweight and compact, suck the solder away easily.
  • Very sturdy to remove existing solder from a circuit board.
  • Heated up the solder pushed the button and bam, all solder sucked up,super easy to use for desoldering.
  • A must have excellent solder sucker which fits nicely in your tool box.


    • X Desoldering Suction Pump
    • 1 X Nozzle Cleaner
    • 1 X Replaceable Nozzle


    • Check whether the voltage is consistent, too high or too low voltage is not conducive to use.
    • Before using, spin the cylinder and the suction nozzle tight to prevent leakage. Otherwise, it will affect the suction.
    • Clear the solder impurities in the suction nozzle and the cylinder frequently, and add a little oil to the piston.
    • Every time after using, push the piston 3-4 times to remove the residual straw for the suction nozzle and straw's next smooth use.
    • The suction device is strictly prohibited to install and remove part of its electric parts when powered on.
    • It's normal that there is slightly smoke due to heating when the first time to use the new suction pump. It will naturally disappear after ten minutes.
    • When using, a natural cooling soldering iron base must be equipped and the suction pen should be placed in the iron base.
    • If the power cord is damaged, to avoid danger it must be replaced by the manufacturer or maintenance department or similar full-time personnel.
    • This product has a ground wire which should be used along with a socket with contacts. 
    You can buy without risks!