Crack Shot Laser Pool

Crack Shot Laser Pool

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Improve and take your game to the next level 
by using this kit to either impress your friends or train fast and become a professional in no time.

Correct billiard position, accuracy
training and auxiliary seconds

 you can cover every possible angle and length
of shot! Better still, the laser is designed to
draw a line up the table too.

You can't observe the subtle difference in each shot,
but the impact on the ball is different. When the ball is
attached to the laser sight, all the slight deviations in your
swing are reflected by the laser.

StrikeMaster Snooker Laser

Battery: 14250/15270 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery(Not Included)
Size : 100mm x 19mm

 1 PC StrikeMaster Snooker Laser( green)